Happy 73rd!

Dear Mom,

Happy 73rd Birthday!! You don’t look a day over 40, and you get even more beautiful with each passing year. I am so thankful that God subtituted you as my mom even though you are my paternal grandmother.You are truly the most loving, thoughtful, selfless, compassionate, caring, giving, amazing woman that this world has ever seen. You make me want to be a better man and a better son. You constantly amaze me in the ways that you care for others before yourself.

Because I don’t tell you “thank you” enough, I wanted to list all the things for which I am so grateful:

Having looked after me and my sister ever since i was born was surely not an easy feat. I have been a naughty and playful kid since young. I went to a school camp without telling the family and that made you all search for me high and low. I slept over in Sentosa Island with my friends when i was just 9 and developed a high fever after. I did badly in school but you persevered. I stole and got caught but you forgave me. My sister and i saw a ghost when we were young and fell very very ill but you prayed all day and night for our well being. I remember once when i was ill during one of the festive holidays and i was coughing endlessly. You were by my side when i went to bed – The next morning one of our family members told me that you did not even catch a wink the whole night while tending to me.

You relentlessly worked hard because you wanted to give me everything i wanted. You made me my favourite iced milo drink everyday before school and before i went to sleep. I loved going to your workplace and watching you cook while i mend the cashier till i pressed a wrong amount on the till which was supposed to be 5 dollars but instead made it into 50 dollar. And yes i know u paid that amount to your boss too. That was in Beach Road, i remembered because since young i have been fascinated with outdoor stuffs like hiking and camping, and there was a neat little outdoor sport shop right outside your food court. And i remembered because one time you finished work, you asked if i wanted a drink. I read on the board which said ‘ ICE CREAM SODA ‘ I really wanted ice cream… so i asked for that(with my heart jumping in joy) but in turned out it was another soda drink. But looking at you being tired, i just smiled and said ” yah this is the drink i wanted yey!!” hehe i couldnt bear to say it

For sticking with me through those hellacious teenage years that I was horrible to you.. For forgiving me in all the ways I hurt you and for not holding them against me.. For believing in me and encouraging me when no one else did.. For believing the best in me, even when I was at my worst.. For supporting my “crazy” dreams, and not just standing behind me in my decisions, but standing beside me, holding my hand every step of the way..  For bearing with me through all of the times I thought I knew better.. For being my #1 prayer warrior… For helping paym y bills when all hope seemed lost.. For always putting others before yourself.. For standing up for us when people hurt us… For treating me as your own son.. For dropping whatever you are doing-no matter how important- if one of us needs you… For investing in my future.. For always thinking of ways to make me happy..

When i was enlisted into National service, i trained hard to make sure i’ll make you proud of me. You were always in my vision everytime i trained. And with perseverances, i was awarded the Best Trainee for that intake. All thanks to you. And you were there to receive the Plaque of honour with me. A lot of things happened after.. Your accident with broken pelvic bone hence not able to walk proper due to your brittle bones.. Your diabetes.. Your high blood.. But you survived everything because you have such strong heart to watch me succeed in life! Our birthdays are not that far apart from each other. You used to hold my hand everytime we went out.. And now i am the one holding your hands.. Mom, i will make it in life. And when i do lets go for a nice vacation just the two of us. You been through hell and back.

For everything you do for me and mine, thank you. I love you so, so, so, so, so much, words cannot even begin to touch it. I respect you, admire you, look up to you, and adore you. I am SO grateful you are my mom, and I love you even though im teary eyed writing this letter.

Happiest of birthdays, and may this year be your best one yet.


Alfi Duran