Lets be charismatic!

Lets win people over! Be Charismatic!

A lot of us have problems when it comes to talking, convincing, selling, job interviews – etc etc etc.

On this post i will share my thoughts and views on how to overcome all that. One of the main key factor is being – CHARISMATIC. So what charismatic all about?

Read on…

1) Be Self Confident

Like yourself. It’s much easier for others to like you if you like yourself.

Be optimistic. Keep your glass half-full and not just half-empty. Be enthusiastic.

Be comfortable with who you are. Be consistent with it.

2) Tell Great Stories

“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” (Muriel Rukeyser, Poet and Activist)

Speak with conviction. Use words like “I am sure” vs. tentative words like “I think, I hope and I feel.”

Be tuned into humor. Self-deprecating humor can included – it’s ok to tell a story about an embarrassing moment.

Be relevant. Know what’s happening in the world and around you. People want to be with people who are in the know.

Don’t: Confuse humor with bad joke telling. Don’t self-deprecate yourself out of the conversation. Don’t put yourself down so much that it takes away from who you are.

3) Body Language

Be open and approachable (when approaching someone, walk with palms faced outwards – It makes them feel welcome). Gracious and graceful.

Walk up to someone, smile, make eye contact, shake hands. Introduce yourself by saying your name, “Hi, I’m Alfi, Alfi Duran.” That way people hear your voice twice.

Own the room when you walk into it. Think Big movie stars or singers. Get your own personal swagger.

Don’t: Overdo it. When you smile, be authentic. If your smile is not in your eyes, people will know you’re faking it.

4) Make The Conversation About The Other Person

Let the world revolve around the person you’re talking to.

Make the person feel like they are the only person on the planet at that time.

Immediately put others at ease and make them feel comfortable with you.

Don’t: Let your ego drive the conversation. We all have egos. If your ego is in overdrive, check it.

5) Be A Good listener

You can’t remember everything. If i did i would be a pretty smart person i guess but remembering someone’s name is a huge thing. Here’s a trick: When you are introduced to a person, immediately repeat their name. Example: “Jason, it’s so nice to meet you.”

Listen with interest. Pay attention. Engage. Be empathetic.

Don’t: When you’re talking with someone at an event, do not check your phone or look around the room to see if someone more important is there. If you want to find someone more important, make the conversation brief and move on graciously.

Are you charismatic? How many of the 5 qualities do you have? What about your co-workers, boss, partner, friends and family – how many qualities do they have?

Dont have charisma? It’s never too late. As what i have said in the last post, Practice it.

Thanks for reading!

Emcee Alfi