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Lets be charismatic!

Lets win people over! Be Charismatic! A lot of us have problems when it comes to talking, convincing, selling, job interviews – etc etc etc. On this post i will share my thoughts and views on how to overcome all that. One of the main key factor is being – CHARISMATIC. So what charismatic all about? Read on… 1) Be… Read more →

Avoiding the friendzone!

Hello guys (and ladies if you are here), good day! On todays topic on how we can we avoid the dreaded term of being friend zoned? Is it because you are not attractive at all? No money? No work? Cant speak well? Read on. you’re just a friend if… -You hear phrases like: “I can talk to you about absolutely… Read more →

Happy 73rd!

Dear Mom, Happy 73rd Birthday!! You don’t look a day over 40, and you get even more beautiful with each passing year. I am so thankful that God subtituted you as my mom even though you are my paternal grandmother.You are truly the most loving, thoughtful, selfless, compassionate, caring, giving, amazing woman that this world has ever seen. You make… Read more →

10 Benefits of Smiling!

10 Benefits of smiling! People are always smiling, especially in groups, but it doesn’t just signal that they’re happy, far from it. We use smiles for specific social purposes because they can send out all sorts of signals that can be useful for all of us. Here are ten ways smiles can be used to our advantage by sending out… Read more →